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Nano & Akai Changed BACK to Korg NanoKontrol & bought AKAI LPK25 Piano Keyboard - Jan '11:

Loved the Micro
Kontrol, but for space reasons (and flight), went back to my Nano & bought the mini Akai in place of the *key-breaking* NanoKey. The Akai has that real piano touch that I love :-)
Korg MicroKontrol Changed to Korg microKONTROL midi - April '09:

Broke 3 more keys on the nanoKEY (nanoSERIES), that makes 5 now !  I love the piano as a midi for VJing, so I decided to step back in time and buy the older korg.  sima mixer buttons start to have an issue, but the unit has sound input/output and neither the edirol nor vixid have that.
Korg NanoSeries & Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop Laptop Dell Vostro 1700 Start May '08 & Korg nanoKEY & nanoKONTROL November '08:

Moved away from mini pc to laptop.  Finally bought a 'real' midi, new cheap nanoSERIES by Korg.  The keys are fragile -1 came off already as I accidentally hit it with a tissue box (and impossible to put back on ; mine is 1/2 on with tape keeping it in place!!).  It is, however, ideal for travel, light and small. And with the pen tablet I could not use more than 1 control at a time whereas with the Korg, I can use 2-3 controls at the same time.  Also, it's a lot easier to grab knobs/sliders than to pick up a pen.  The keys are not my ideal piano keys and I feel it is hard to control velocity because the deepth of contact is minimal (maybe for a DJ/musician it's not the case).  But overall happy with change.
Sima SFX-9 Mixer Sima SFX-9 Mixer Start January 2008:

Bought older used mixer cheap.  It has 4 inputs/outputs, not the edirol, but works fine.  As you can tell by my list of equipment, I've gone the cheap way...however, I recently bought a laptop and will move away from the pen tablet to a real midi ... I've always believed that an artist can do art with minimal tools, and now i'm selling out and going high end ... shame on me ;)
Pen Tablet Setup 2

Current Setup Start April 2007:

Changed pen tablet midi (using Live Lab's Tablet 2 Midi software)

Keyboard Piano Current Setup Start April 2007:

Changed pen tablet midi (using Live Lab's Tablet 2 Midi software) & new keyboard with piano keys (creative keyboard - just for extra buttons & 'midi other notes' in resolume)...sometimes a bit awkward using both hands on pen and piano keys at same time since i'm right-handed ;-)
Pen Tablet Setup 1 Previous Setup Start Sept 2006:

New pen tablet midi (using Live Lab's Tablet 2 Midi software)...took a bit of trial and error to figure out - bizarre midi configuration in conjunction with Resolume VJ software, but FINALLY got it to work, yee-haw!
Keyboard Original Setup Original Setup Start 2004:

Just your simple keyboard and mouse...always reliable :)
Videonics VE1 Mixer 16mm FJ Setup

Setup late 1990's + :

VCRs & Videonics VE-1 equalizer, & 16mm film projectors.  The image is me and my 3 16mm projector setup (FJ) ; the projector i'm manipulating is an analyzer projector and one can control the speed (fast/slow) and step 1 frame at a time - really cool unit, but tempermental at times, that is sprocket damage eating machine, like 16mm projectors can be ! ;)