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_2015 julie meitz
November 2020 - Vaulx-en-Velin, France - La ville Vaulx-en-Velin - Mon declic pour la reduction des dechets

Rendre a la terre & Reutiliser - Competition Photo: I submited three photos under the themes of Compost & Reuse (see documents right).
Document 1
Document 2
_2015 julie meitz
May 2020 - Villeurbanne, France - Festival memoire Vive - Les Invisibles Fantastiques (CCO)

Monsieur Genie Mouchoir - Faites un voeu, puis mouchez-vous / Make a wish, then blow your nose. Made with tissue boxes in 2015.
BHN-Rough-Cut_2015 julie meitz
October 2015 - Lyon, France - Biennale Hors Normes - Fênetres -Pas.sages (Univ. II Lyon)

Rough-Cut - The title, “Rough-Cut”, metaphorically infers a love separation between boy and girl (the film strip cut into two pieces). These items within the box represent the visible artifacts of the invisible digital realm; an archeological discovery in a digital world.
Mixed Media Julie Meitz 1996-2004: Art Brut Mixed Media / Mini Installations. Film & CD structure made for Ann Arbor Film Festival 2004.
Photos: Mixed Media / Mini Installations
sculpture julie meitz 2001-2003: Art Brut Graffiti & Assemblage in Detroit.
Photos: Graffiti
sculpture julie meitz 1995-2003: Art Brut Clay Sculptures. Some used in my Multimedia Shows.
Photos: Clay Sculptures
Photography Manual 35mm / Photo of Anouk Nicolopoulos and Charlie 1984-2003: 35mm SLR Manual Photography (and darkroom developing). Most of it is back in Detroit and needs to be scanned digitally...Soon...bientôt...
Photos: 35mm Manual SLR
Drawing Pastel Julie Meitz 1994-2000: Art Brut drawings, pastels & paintings. Most of it is back in Detroit and needs to be scanned digitally...Soon...bientôt...
Photos: Drawings/Pastels/Paintings