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I have mixed live visuals with the following Artists:
J'ai fait des visuels en direct avec les artistes ci-dessous:
DJ  /  Band  /  Musician Style Place
 Adam X Techno-Industrial Detroit, USA
 Alley Cat Drum 'n Bass France
 Anja Schneider Techno-House Spain
 Anthony Rother Electro-Techno-Punk France
 Antoine Bost African, Funk, Jazz France
 Anton X Techno-Electro France
 Arnaud Rebotini Electro-Techno-Classical Switzerland
 Arno Cost Techno-Electro France
 Atomic Hooligan Electro-Indie-Hip Hop France
 Automat Electro-Industrial France
 Aux 88 Electro-Techno-House Detroit, USA
 Ayro Electro-Jazz-House Detroit, USA
 Bigre Jazz France
 Biomix (Fred Berth) Electronic France
 Bobby Parker Nu Disco France
 Brownstudy Electronic Detroit, USA
 Buzee Goree Techno-Electro Detroit, USA
 Calliope Alternative Detroit, USA
 C'Cile Délice Electronic France
 Comic Strip Hip Hop France
 Crystal Distortion Drum n'Bass France
 Cyber Seb vs. Fenomen Electronic France
 Cyclone Electronic Detroit, USA
 Cyril Darmedru Experimental-Electronic-Jazz France
 Da Fresh Techno-House France
 David Carretta Electro-Techno-Disco Switzerland
 Dee Dave Electro Minimal Dark France
 Deetron Electronic Switzerland
 Dell'Pettot Electronic France
 Delph'In Electro-Techno-House France
 Delon & Dalcan Electro-Techno-Experimental Switzerland
 Derek Plaslaiko Techno Detroit, USA
 Di'jital Techno-Hip Hop Detroit, USA
 DJ Alor Electro-Drum 'n Bass-Live Electronics France
 DJ Amina Haiti-Jazz-Reggae Switzerland
 DJ Ani Electronic Detroit, USA
 DJ Bob Electronic Detroit, USA
 DJ Bouto Electronic France
 DJ Byran Electronic France
 DJ Céline Electronic France
 DJ ClicK Ethnic France
 DJ Connasse Electronic France
 DJ Craze Electronic France
 DJ Enna Haiti-Jazz-Reggae Switzerland
 DJ Flight Drum n'Bass France
 DJ Flore Drum n'Bass France
 DJ from the Crypt Electronic France
 DJ Genesis House Detroit, USA
 DJ Harry Cover Electronic France
 DJ J.Keane Electronic Spain
 DJ Josy Drum n'Bass France
 DJ Loops Electronic France
 DJ Mini Electro-Techno-Minimal France
 DJ Muggs Electronic France
 DJ Rioweek Electronic France
 DJ Salomé Ethnic-Jazz-Reggae France
 DJ Seb Electronic France
 DJ Serio Electronic Spain
 DJ Storm Drum n'Bass France
 DJ Zapp Jungle Detroit, USA
 D'Jamency Techno-House-Minimal France
 Divai Techno-House France
 Don Jose & Esteban Electronic France
 Dr. Ron Electronic Detroit, USA
 El Mikaz & Dynamo-K Electronic France
 Electrixx Electro France
 Electrik Botox Electronic France
 EmDeeCuts Electronic France
 Emmanuel Martin Experimental-Electronic France
 Eric Borgo Electronic Switzerland
 Erony  Electronic Switzerland
 Fancy Rock France
 Far Too Loud Electro / Drum n'Bass France
 Feelou Techno-House France
 Formless Figures Electronic France
 Fred Flower aka Humantronic Electronic France
 Fred Roudet African, Funk, Jazz France
 French Government Electro France
 Fukkk Offf Electronic Switzerland
 Funk Off Electronic Italy
 Gabe Electro-Dirty-house France
 Gallou Electronic France
 Gomor Electronic France
 Guigoo Narkotek Electronic France
 Guillaume Lavergne African, Funk, Jazz France
 Henry Gibson Jazz Detroit, USA
 Hervé AK Electronic France
 Htk Electronic France
 Ixindamix Electronic France
 Jack de Marseille Electronic France
 James Cotton Electronic Detroit, USA
 Jaxson Tech-House France
 Jay "Mushi" West Electronic Detroit, USA
 Jean Mi Berthier Jazz-Electronic France
 Jennifer Cardinni Electronic France
 John Arnold Electronic Detroit, USA
 John Dahlbäck Electronic France
 John Lord Fonda Electronic Switzerland
 John Stoll Electronic Detroit, USA
 Johnny Ryan Electronic Detroit, USA
 Jori Hulkkonen Electronic France
 Joseph Bilek Electronic France
 Juan Carlos Electronic Spain
 Junkerz Electronic France
 Kate Wax Electronic Switzerland
 Keith "Keufs" Cairns Electronic Detroit, USA
 Keith Brumsfield Electronic Detroit, USA
 Kevin Reynolds Electronic France
 Kevin Saunderson Electronic Detroit, USA
 Kim James Electronic Detroit, USA
 Kloé Electronic France
 K-Mi Electronic France
 Kokci Electronic France
 Kooz Electronic France
 Kostia Ethnic-Hip Hop France
 Lady Purple Neo-Trance-Electro France
 Le White Electronic France
 Les Boucles Etranges Electronic France
 Madame Patate Electronic France
 Maelstrom Electronic France
 Maggy Smiss Electronic France
 Mahian & Uzul Prod Electronic France
 Mama Lü Electronic France
 Mandala Techno-Minimal France
 Manhead aka Headman Electro-Alternative Switzerland
 Marc Romboy Tech-House-Electro France
 Marco Asoleda Tech-House-Electro France
 Mary Miss Fairy Electro / Drum n'Bass France
 Massimo Sciacca Electronic Italy
 Mat & Bryan Weasel Busters Electronic France
 Mathew Freeman Electronic Switzerland
 MC2 Glitch Hop France
 Mc Gee Electro France
 Mc Jenny K Drum n'Bass France
 McChickaboo Drum n'Bass France
 Mekanic's Electronic France
 Microfaune Electro-Alternative France
 MidiLink Electronic France
 Midwest Product Electronic-Rock Detroit, USA
 Miguel Angel Electro Detroit, USA
 Minitel Electro-Alternative France
 Miss Ficel Drum n'Bass France
 Mitch Walcott Techno-House Detroit, USA
 Model 500 (Juan Atkins) Techno-Electro Detroit, USA
 Monoii Deep House Tech-House France
 MonoMotion Electro-Techno-House France
 Moss Bart & Marco Parenti Tech-House-Electro France
 Mouloud & the Sonic Destruction Rock France
 Mr. Murgatroyd Electronic Detroit, USA
 Nicky Romero Electro France
 Nicolas Duvoisin Electro-Techno Switzerland
 No Mad Band Big Band France
 Octan Electro Switzerland
 Ohmwerk & Freddypogo Electronic France
 Oliver Ingrosso Electro-Techno-House France
 Olivier Red Lambin Electronic-Jazz France
 Oneblaz Electronic France
 Oxia Electro-Techno Switzerland
 Paper Tiger Rock Detroit, USA
 Para One Electronic France
 Pedro Bucarelli Techno France
 Pete Rock Hip Hop France
 Phil Minton Jazz France
 PH-Neutre Techno-House France
 Premier Hip Hop France
 Qbert Hip Hop France
Radikal Noize SFX Hypnotik Techno France
Ralph Patetik Drum n'Bass France
 Recloose Electronic Detroit, USA
 Redman Hip Hop Detroit, USA
 ReidNoise & Duane Huff Electronic-Alternative Detroit, USA
 Renaud Patay African, Funk, Jazz France
 Reno Burdin African, Funk, Jazz France
 Rikette Drum n'Bass France
 Roboy Electronic France
 Rod Hicks Jazz Detroit, USA
 Rom1 Hip Hop Drum n' Bass France
 Romain Fayet African, Funk, Jazz France
 Roswell Tech-House France
 Rotator Jungle Detroit, USA
 Roy Brooks & the Aboriginal Ensemble of New York Jazz Detroit, USA
 Sam Valenti aka SV4 Electro-Minimal Detroit, USA
 Scamardella Electronic Detroit, USA
 Scan X & The Youngsters Electronic France
 Sean Deason Techno-House Detroit, USA
 Sebastien Eglème Experimental-Electronic France
 Sebjak Techno-Electro France
 Sejiro Murayama Jazz France
 Shawn "Thunder" Wallace Jazz Detroit, USA
 Siskid Electronic France
 Skillz Hip Hop France
 Slum Village Hip Hop Detroit, USA
 Sofia Da Silva Tech-House-Electro France
 Snoo.P Electronic France
 Sonja Moonear Electronic Switzerland
 Sono Tone Electronic France
 Soulshot Dan Progressiv' Groovy Techno France
 Specimen A Breaks France
 Spektrum Electronic-Alternative France
 Spleen Folk Hip Hop France
 Split Electronic France
 Stacey Pullen Electro-Techno-House Detroit, USA
 Stereo:Type Electro Mashup France
 STRichter aka DJ Automan Electronic Detroit, USA
 Stun Gun Rock Detroit, USA
 Szymanski Electronic Detroit, USA
 Tachka & DJ Alexander Electronic France
 Tatie Charby Electronic France
 Technaisa & Renato Cohen Techno-Electro France
 Terrence Parker Techno-House Detroit, USA
 The Advent Electronic Spain
 The Fuzz Electronic France
 The Hacker Techno-Minimal Switzerland
 The liquid Visitor Electronic Detroit, USA
 Thomas Picot African, Funk, Jazz France
 Tina Séglè African, Funk, Jazz France
 Todd Osborn Electro-Minimal Detroit, USA
 Tom Tyger Techno-Electro France
 Tziganiada Ethnic France
 Umek Techno-Electro Switzerland
 Vincent Naivin Techno-House France
 Vinka Electronic France
 VisionEar Electronic-Alternative Detroit, USA
 Vitalic Electro-Techno Switzerland
 WaveSonik Techno-Electro France
 Woody McBride Electronic Switzerland
 Yann Thorp Electronic France
 Yannis Becker aka Acid Soda Electronic France
 Yohann Feynmann Electro-Techno-House France
 Yomm Electronic France