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Darwin at Saint Peter's

Video & Sound Installation
The Assumption at the altar of the Virgin & Sea Anemones
The Assumption at the altar of the Virgin & Sea Anemones
Tibet musician & Charles Darwin + Beagle ship Photo:Franck Caulier
Charles Darwin + Beagle ship
Charles Darwin's study + Ichneumonidæ wasp
Saint-Pierre Church Photo:Philippe Aumand
Saint-Pierre Church
Saint-Pierre's painting Resurrection of Christ & Prehistoric Life
Saint-Pierre's painting Resurrection of Christ & Charles Darwin

Les Boucan des Arts Festival #6 Evolution
Lavaré, France 08-09/2020

Darwin chez Saint-Pierre : an original & remix work for the Festival done remotely (due to Covid-19) about Charles Darwin's thoughts about religion in images, computer voice over and music.

The video was projected onto a white canvas that was carefully placed over a painting in Saint-Pierre's church and a mask was made in After Effects to fit the painting's frame. Working remotely with the festival and not having the best circumstances, it took a few attempts to get the video aligned properly.

The original painting and other artifacts in the church were included in the video. Darwin's original texts were used and some words, but not many, were omitted. The omitted words are shown as strike-outs in his texts which are included in the PDF below.

For a detailed explanation about each video scene, please see the PDFs below (FRench & ENglish language).

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite.

Video (Français ci-dessous) : Darwin at Saint Peter's

Vidéo Français : Darwin chez Saint Pierre