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Light, Sound & Mobiles Installation
RGB lights on paper mobiles
Live Pareidolia Installation
Live Pareidolia Installation
Live Pareidolia Installation
My lighting setup in Ableton Live
My lighting idea on paper

La Ferme du Vinatier / Collectif Coin
Bron, France 12/2012 & 02/2013

Pareidolia : the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.

An original and remix work of light and shadow play between Rorschach's ink blots and ambiguous paper mobiles, including dialogue extracts from the 1959 film, Suddenly, Last Summer and other music and sound.

This was created at a workshop where I learned how to program in Abelton Live & Max/Msp to control lights. The mobile setup was created at home using my my own material. This was part of a group exhibit called Crépite held by the Collectif Coin at La Ferme du Vinatier (a mental health facility for culture & art) which was in conjunction with the Fêtes des Lumières (2012, Lyon) and also exhibited at the RVBn Festival (2013, Bron). Note: two Mobiles were made by Fréderic Cesbron from La Ferme du Vinatier.

Tools: Ableton Live + Max/Msp + Lights

Video : Pareidolia