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Installation at museum
Installation at museum
Installation at museum
openFramworks face tracking code & testing myself

Le Centre Visages de Jehanne / Mobil'Homme
Domrémy-la-Pucelle, France, 06-12/2012

An interactive video & webcam installation made for Joan of Arc's 600th birthday event about identity and altered identity in reference to the iconic character of Joan of Arc. Concept by Philippe Pellier & Julie Meitz and creation & programming by Julie Meitz.

The viewer enters into a semi-enclosed installation area, motion dectection through the webcam is activated, then a video plays. A collage of real and fictious heros are shown in the outline of the viewer's head and upper body, then the viewer is placed inside an image of Joan of Arc, then a snapshot of the viewer is taken and placed next to the heros and so on.

The original idea was to morph hero images into the person's face, but this being my first time programming with openFrameworks and working with computer vision, I was unable to make it work without problems. Also I was busy working on two other projects at the same, see Note below.

Note: this was my second out of three projects made for the event : first was a video poem, Jeanne sous la pluie, and the third was my first time doing a video mapping which was projected on Joan of Arc's birth house Jehanne: Voyage du Héros.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite + openFrameworks 007

Video : Metamorphosis

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