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Joan: The Hero's Journey

Video Mapping Show
Live video mapping image
Joan of Arc birth house
Live video mapping image
Live video mapping image
Live video mapping image
Video mapping setup
Video mapping setup & Joan of Arc birth house
Video mapping setup & me Photo: Joëlle Laurençon
Software images; Resolume 3.3.3 & IR Mapio

Le Centre Visages de Jehanne / Mobil'Homme
Domrémy-la-Pucelle, France, 07-09/2012

Jehanne: Voyage du Héros : an original & remix work about Joan of Arc's history, mapped to the front side of her birth house for her 600th birthday event. Made without dialogue, minimal text in French and at times influenced by Joseph Campbell's story concept. Concept by Philippe Pellier & Julie Meitz and creation & mapping by Julie Meitz.

This was my first time doing a video mapping and with early mapping software. That is, I had to find my own method to map constructively with what existed in the software without having any specific guide to go by (see last image in slideshow above and specs below).

Note: this was my third out of three projects made for the event : first was a video poem, Jeanne sous la pluie, and the second was an interactive installation, Metamorphosis.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite + Resolume 3.3.3 + IR Mapio (early version of Visution Mapio, a mapping app., used within Resolume)

Video : Jehanne: Voyage du Héros

Video : Work Journal / Journal de travail 2011