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Julie Meitz

Me & my 16mm film camera, Canadian Rockies, 2002
Me & my 16mm film camera, Canadian Rockies, 2002


Artist : Video art, video jockey, audio-visual, remix, video mapping, art installations, new media, filmmaker...

At a young age I fell in love with movies and made my first film with a Super 8mm film camera that I found by chance.  Then I continued with any other visual stuff that I could get my hands on, right up into the digital era.

I'm mainly self-taught and have performed and exhibited my work internationally.
I have a degree in film studies and another in computers with over 16 years of work experience as computer programmer in the USA.
Since residing in France I also teach English.

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Present / Actuel

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Work Samples

Images of work and software / Images du travail et des logiciels



2001-2016 Work Excerpts / Extraits du Travail ; art videos, live VJ, video mapping, remix, shows, installations, interactive...

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 A R T W O R K : 1994 - Present 

Work timeline pages with documents, images & videos (Under construction for responsive design).

Les pages de la chronologie du travail avec des documents, images et vidéos (En construction pour le design réactif).



  Lyon, France

+33 (0)6 14 68 48 62