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Julie Meitz

Me & my 16mm film camera, Canadian Rockies, 2002
Me & my 16mm film camera, Canadian Rockies, 2002


I'm a Multimedia Artist.
Video art, video mapping, video jockey, art installations, new media...

At a young age I fell in love with the cinema and made my first film with a Super 8mm film camera.  Even though parts of the film were out of focus and the soundtrack was out of sync, it didn’t discourage me.  In fact, it got me to read the instruction manual (incredible!) and learn how to get it right for the next film.    What we do for love...  The rest is history (see CV & PressKit).

I have performed and exhibited my work internationally.  I have a degree in film studies and another in computers with over 16 years of work experience as Programmer in the USA.   Residing in France, I also instruct English.

C V  &  Press Kit

Present / Actuel

Past / Ancien

Work Samples

Images of work and software / Images du travail et des logiciels



2001-2016 Work Excerpts / Extraits du Travail ; art videos, live VJ, video mapping, remix, shows, installations, interactive...

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 A R T W O R K : 1994 - Present 

Work timeline pages with documents, images & videos (Under construction for responsive design).

Les pages de la chronologie du travail avec des documents, images et vidéos (En construction pour le design réactif).



  Lyon, France

+33 (0)6 14 68 48 62