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Street Scenes

Creation & Live Video & Sound for Stage
Scènes de Rue repetition
Amphitheater & me in control area Photo:Risa Cohen
My two computers & Korg setup + amphitheater controls
Scènes de Rue video projection
Video deck in Resolume Avenue 4 software
The two screens on stage
Show with transparent screen
Show with transparent screen rising up
Show with background screen
SketchUp of stage
Testing in my workroom
Testing in my workroom

Orchestre Symphonique Confluences
Lyon, France 03/2014

An original & remix work for Scènes de Rue which was a tribute to historic and present day street musicians and a benefit for Playing for Change at the Cité Internationale Amphithéâtre. Direction: Philippe Fournier.

The stage had two screens which I alternated between by using two computers. One screen was transparent in front of the orchestra which would rise at times to reveal the background screen behind the orchestra. At times I played sound with the video, but I didn't have the best computers or software to do that appropriately, so at times there were video latency issues. I worked non-stop on this project, even modifying content just before the curtains opened on show night.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite + Resolume Avenue 4 & 3 + Korg NanoKontrol

Video : Street Scenes