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Creation & Live Video for Stage
Tosca show Act 1
Tosca repetition Act 1 + my computer setup
Tosca repetition Act 1
Video & screen setup on stage
2nd conductor Robert + my computer setup
2nd conductor Robert & me
Video plan for stage

Orchestre Symphonique Confluences
Lyon, France 06/2013

An original & remix work for Puccini's opera Tosca at the Cité Internationale Amphithéâtre. Direction: Philippe Fournier.

During the show I followed a second conductor's lead on when to change video scenes according to the music score. I had less than a week to find resources, make the videos, setup my VJ software and rehearse with the orchestra before the show. This was my first time working with an orchestra and on opera.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite + Resolume Avenue 4 + Korg NanoKontrol

Video : Tosca