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In Search of Belonging : A Cinematic Voyage

Live Audio-Visual Show
AV show image
AV show image
AV show image: normal & mix effect
AV show image
AV show images: immigrants from book and in real life
AV show image
AV show image
AV show image: two mix effects
AV show: me kissing my machines for good luck / Photo: Agapito Di Pilla
Live AV show / Photos: Sara D'Uva

IO Project: Investigation about Ontology, Women of Molise, International Art Event / Artistic Director: Agapito Di Pilla
Macchiagodena, Italy 09/2009

Alla Ricerca dell'appartenenza : Un Viaggio Cinematografico
A live audio-visual cinematic exploration about family, immigration and a sense of belonging, touching on neorealism and post-realism.

For the performance I used some of my photo and video documentation from previous years in Macchiagodena and in the Molise region (this was my third year participating in the event) and also excerpts from various feature and documentary films. Excerpts from Shaun Tan's book, The Arrival, were used as the structure. I also chose music from Italy, France and the US.

This was my first time doing a live AV show by myself and with very little time to finish preparing the audio-visual work, to learn the the audio technique better and to practice the 38 minutes performance.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite + Resolume Avenue 3.1.0 + Korg NanoKontrol + Korg microKONTROL

Video : In Search of Belonging - AV Show Recorded Live

Video : In Search of Belonging (very short on location excerpts) 2009