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30th Rhino Jazz Festival

Live Audio-Visual Show
Before show, AV images
Before show, AV images & reclined chairs & cushions for audience
Live AV show images & me / Photo: Thomas Chamonaz
Live AV show images & dancer / Photo: Thomas Chamonaz
Before show, AV image of festival director: Jean-Paul Chazalon
AV show room entrance
My visual setup
After show, multiple screens
Before show setting up multiple screens
Benoit going through Rhino's video archives
Sebastien & Cyril going through Rhino's audio archives
Working on show / from left to right: Julie, Pascal, Benoit, Emmanuel (unseen in photo), Sebastien & Cyril

30th Rhino Jazz Festival / Le MaTriCe
Rive de Gier, France 10/2008

Ni Jazz Ni Maître / Neither Jazz Nor Master : A live audio-visual show that ran for 30 hours non-stop for the 30th Rhino Jazz Festival. The festival's AV archive of 30 years was used to create new and remixed work. Multiple projectors projected onto multiple transparent screens throughout the performance space. For the audience there were reclined chairs and cushions on the floor.
Note: I also made a couple of videos with the archives, see below.

Artist collective Le MaTriCe: Benoit Voarick, Pascal Caparros, Cyril Darmedru, Emmanuel Martin, Sebastien Eglème & Julie Meitz.

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite + Resolume Avenue 3.1.0 + Creative Keyboard + Live Lab's Tablet 2 Midi + Sima SFX-9 Mixer

Video : Rhino Jazz Festival MaTriCe FR3 TV Report

Video : Jazz "Hot" (made for Rhino Jazz Festival)

Video : Candy Dream (made for Rhino Jazz Festival)