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Krapps Last Tape

Video Projection & Installation for Theater
Video projector image on stage
Video image on monitor, After The Last Tape

Zeitgeist Theatre
Detroit, Michigan US 11/1999

Samuel Beckett's, Krapps Last Tape: The tape recorder in the original script was replaced by a video projector of the actor portraying Krapp at age 39 which I videotaped. I also included some additional minimal footage to illustrate Krapps thoughts.

Also, in the theater's adjacent bar, on a monitor looped an additional video, After The Last Tape, that I made for the event. The video is an extension of the play; Krapp falls into a nightmare. This video was shown at the Museum of New Art's International Video Festival, Detroit, 01/2002.

Director: John Jakary / Videos: Julie Meitz / Actor: Andre Latyszewsky

Tools & Equipment: Adobe Premiere, D8 Camcorder & 1 monitor.

(Video will be available soon) Krapps Last Tape, 1999

(Video will be available soon) After the Last Tape, 1999