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T.V. or Sex?

Multimedia Show
Set 1: TV Living Room
Set 2: Art Theater
Set 3: Product/Garbage
Set 7: Alpha States
Set 7: Alpha States
Nude Poet Performance Artists: Sky & Lester
Me reading Mander's book in nature
Me reading Mander's book in nature

1265 Griswold Detroit - My Loft
Detroit, Michigan US 01/1998

A show based on Jerry Mander's book, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, 1977.

Ten interactive sets were created that emphasized certain parts in his book:
(1) TV Living Room - video of a woman's journal regarding her passive/apathetic TV behavior
(2) Art Theatre - 16mm film w/sexual content - better things to do than watch TV!
(3) Product/Garbage - 16mm film displaying subliminal commercials
(4) Nature - mediated enviroment back to nature
(5) Capture Image - various types of media capturing tools like cameras, computers, etc.
(6) Edit Image - same film from set #2 only edited differently
(7) Alpha States - the state one is in when watching TV
(8) Manipulated Image - continuation of video theme in set #1, only manipulated into a music video
(9) Living room - without TV
(10) Playroom - returning to the spirit of childhood imagination.

There were also nude (private parts covered) poet performance artists who casually strolled around the sets silently or reciting poems, and sometimes interacted with the spectators.

Note 1: This was another one of my involved Detroit shows, so more details to come...

Conception, direction, production, promotion, video & film editing & effects, graphism, etc.: Julie Meitz
Nude Poet Performance Artists: Sky & Lester
Special thanks to Philippe Beillas for designing better looped film projectors! :-)

Note 2: The video of T.V. or Sex? was shown at the Central Florida Film Festival, 1998; Jerry Mander's was a guest speaker at the festival that year. Film Program Excerpt & article about it here: TV Stench

Tools & Equipment: VCR Linear editing, 16mm film camera, 2 16mm looped film projectors, 1 16mm film editor, Sony 8mm video camera, 2 Tvs & Vcrs

Video (full show will be available in the near future) T.V. or Sex?, 1998