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Love, Insight, Change (Art Therapy)

Multimedia Show
Love, Insight, Change wall with artwork, two S8mm looped projectors & one TV
Love, Insight, Change wall with artwork, two S8mm looped projectors & one TV
Artwork in the Love section
Artwork in the Insight section
Self-improvement mirror section & various artwork
Self-improvement mirror section, Let Go
Self-improvement mirror section, Surpress Quick Temper
Artwork, Lazy - A mind is a terrible thing to waste, 1996

1265 Griswold Detroit - My Loft
Detroit, Michigan US 03/1997

My first film, video & art installation that evolved from art therapy. It reflected on my past relationship and was an event for friends only. Musician Roy Brooks & DJ Gary Martin (Teknotika Records) performed live music for the show.

This show had a big impact on my artistic direction. That is, I didn't know what installation art was at the time, I never went to art school. I just started mixing various media together as a form of expression, I guess like art therapy, and it helped. So I continued in this direction doing more multimedia shows, each one more elaborate than the previous. The early shows were held in my loft because it was not only convienent, but also part of a personal journey. Later shows were done off site for various reasons.

My work was more like Homemade art and/or Brut art in a contemporary style. It was a personal essay on whatever topic I chose to express. Most of my shows were constructed with the means, equipment and items that I had on hand, other times from wonderful finds at the reasonably priced Resale shops. Often I used old and new technology together too, and why not?! Lastly, my Detroit shows were financed by my regular full time job.

Conception, direction, production, video & film editing & effects, etc.: Julie Meitz

Tools & Equipment: VCR Linear editing?, Sony 8mm video camera, Super 8mm editor/splicer, 2 looped Super 8mm film projectors, 2 Tvs & Vcrs...

Video (Some parts of the show may be available in the near future) Love, Insight, Change (Art Therapy), 1997