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Movie Night at Zoots

16mm Film Projections
Zoot's chalkboard, my announcement design
A flyer I designed
A sign display I designed
Projection place at Zoots / Photo by Carrie: me in costume, Brian & Doug in the background
Zoot's chalkboard, my announcement design
Zoot's chalkboard, my announcement design

Zoots Coffee House - Movie Night
Detroit, Michigan US 1995-1996

I was part of a film collective who ran a movie night at Zoots Coffee house. We showed various short to feature length 16mm films, sometimes with live musical accompaniments by local Detroit bands. Sometimes I would wear a costume related to the movie night theme and I also designed some of the film flyers and sign displays.

Collective members: Brian Gabel, Julie Meitz, Heidi Temple, Doug Newman, Bill Greenshield, Tim Caldwell & Giles
Musicians: various bands

Tools & Equipment: 16mm film projector

Video (soon, need to check my archives...) Movie Night Zoots Coffee House, 1995-96