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pareidolia julie meitz
October 2015 - Lyon, France - Biennale Hors Normes - Fênetres -Pas.sages (Univ. II Lyon)

Rough-Cut - The title, “Rough-Cut”, metaphorically infers a love separation between boy and girl (the film strip cut into two pieces). These items within the box represent the visible artifacts of the invisible digital realm; an archeological discovery in a digital world.
pareidolia julie meitz
February 2013 - Bron, France - RVBn - Crépite - Espace Albert Camus
December 2012 - Bron, France - Fête des Lumières (Lyon) - Crépite - La Ferme du Vinatier

Pareidolia - A light and shadow play between Rorschach's ink blots and ambiguous paper mobiles. The control of the lights was manually arranged to the music and sound. 2 Mobiles made by Frédéric Cesbron. Workshop Collectif Coin. Tools: Ableton Live + Max/Msp
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metamorphosis jeanne d arc joan of arc julie meitz 2012
June - December 2012 - Domremy, France - Jeanne d'Arc Artist Residence

Metamorphosis - An interactive video & webcam installation made for the 600th birthday of Joan of Arc (museum exhibit 2012). It's a variety of real and fictional heros displayed as a colorful kaleidescope which includes the image of the viewer. Programming: openFrameworks 007
Video FULL
Video Part
Jeanne d'Arc ART Project
Program 1
Program 2
en bobine moi julie meitz
December 2010 - Lyon, France
Fête des Lumières - En Bobine Moi / Peah

Made Videos for Fashion Designer En Bobine Moi using her dresses, dolls and old post cards in theme of "Memory of Women" and "Urbain Jellyfish". These videos projected on her clothes (Original plan of projection canceled and adapted at last minute).
Video Images
coffe table install france
March-April 2008 - Bourgoin-Jallieu, France
Electro Choc 3 Festival - Collective L e M a T r i C e . . .

A Coffee table with cups and spoons suspended in air and overhead video projection (onto table top) of edited excerpts from the film Coffee & Cigarettes (Film Remix).
sync 2005
March 2005 - Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
University of Michigan - Sync'05 (Siggraph) Group Exhibit

Interactive Macromedia Director movie based on the typography of film titles and 3 music videos.
Interactive Movie
Music Videos
digital canvas
February 2004 - Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
Ann Arbor Art Center - Digital Canvas Group Exhibit

Large-scale still images of video jockey projections (VJ) and projected video excerpts of various VJ-ing techniques.
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see 08.2003 Cranbrook
06.1997 Alvins 04.1997 African
no war play
March 2003 - Detroit, Michigan USA
Furniture Factory Theater - Walk & Squawk - Lysistrata by Aristophane

Video & Installation: Julie Meitz

'No War' Iraq protest in Detroit (02.15.03) music video documentary looped in the lobby of the theatre in collaboration with the play.
new seasons
September 2002 - Detroit, Michigan USA
Museum of New Art - New Seasons Group Exhibit
"Select Videos From 6, 5, 4: A Retrospective Installation" by Julie Meitz

A selection of videos, films & objects from 3 of my past Installation shows (Crisis of Perception: Toward the Long Now, Dance of Life Confronts Apathy & Multi-Disc Group Exhibit).  Side Note: "Select [keyword] from..." is a SQL programming command.
Video COP
Video DOL
Videos MD
image factory
August 2000 - Detroit, Michigan USA
Detroit Contemporary Gallery - Image Factory Group Exhibit
"Rhythmic Conjunctions" by Julie Meitz

2 synchronized Videos sets by themes of 'loneliness and workaholism' and 'creation and destruction', looped on 6 monitors (interwoven on 3 monitors each), side by side 180 degrees, with accompanying headphones.
represent cpop\
February 2000 - Detroit, Michigan USA
CPOP Gallery - Represent Group Exhibit

3 looped video monitors displayed remixes (video scratching in Adobe Premiere) of my videos "Hard is Life" and "Birth Your Spirit" with accompanying headphones.  Various music from the Chuck Horn Electronica radio program on WDET fm Detroit.
multi disc
August 1999 - Hamtramck, Michigan USA
Lush Lounge - Multi-Disc Group Exhibit

Theme: individuation, a continous process of struggle, death and rebirth.  2 monitors looped my videos, "Hard Is Life" and "Birth Your Spirit" and 1 16mm film projector looped "Hard Is Life" excerpts on the white dress that the actress, Kinga Oz-Kemp, wore in the video "Birth Your Spirit".
16mm Live
voice and place
July 1999 - Detroit, Michigan USA
1145 Studio -Voice & Place Group Exhibit

3 monitors, with accompanying headsets, displayed 3 videos from my film & video installation show, Crisis of Perception: Toward the Long Now, and across from each monitor were related art objects (tunnel exhibit).
10 p 90 p worked squared
June 1998 - Detroit, Michigan USA
1265 Studio - 10% Inspiration, 90% Work Squared by Julie Meitz

Video, film and art objects displayed the creative process (10% inspiration) and the work it took to design and setup this very same installation (90% work squared), along with a section that re-examined elements from my previous Installation T.V. or Sex?Setup: 1 S8mm film projector looped outtakes from my film "Weekend Artist" (the struggle to be an artist) and 1 monitor displayed the completed film, 2 16mm film projectors and 2 monitors looped the various work processes involved in making this installation, and 1 t.v. looped the dismantling of my Installation T.V. or Sex?.