IO Project 2007 - 2009
Investigation about Ontology - Macchiagodena, Italy
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IO Exhibition

IO Project 2010 - Exhibition for Catalogue

Exhibition of IO Project Artists 2007-2009 - Investigation about Ontology

Claudia Cardinale
Video Institut Lumière Festival

In Search of Belonging: Cinematic Voyage
Video Frame In Search of Belonging

IO Project 2009 - Women of Molise

AV Peformance: In Search of Belonging: A Cinematic Voyage
Alla Ricerca dell'appartenenza : Un Viaggio Cinematografico

A live Audio-Visual cinematic exploration about family, immigration and a sense of belonging, touching on Neo-Realism & Post-Realism.

The performance used excerpts from various feature and documentary films, my video documentation of Macchiagodena (previous years) and used as a narrative structure, excerpts from the book by Shaun Tan, "The Arrival".

I also used various music from Italy, France and the USA.

Video: AV Performance (Excerpts)

Project Notes: AV Performance



Collage of Video Frames

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VJ Clip Family
Funk Off VJ Screen

IO Project 2008 - Family Life

VJ Performance with an Italian Jazz-Funk band called Funk Off (see video to right).

Video documented the village and people which I used in my live VJ mix.

I also video documented other events taking place at the festival.

Video: VJ Performance with Funk Off


Funk Off Site Credits

Video: VJ Clips - Children of Molise

Video: VJ Clips - Macchiagodena

Photos: Family & Artists Lives

Video: Dancer Annika Pannitto

IO Project 2007 Macchiagodena Video
Frank Monaco Photo

IO Project 2007 - Frank Monaco photos

VJ Performance & Video Documentation for TCT TV

Video documented the village and people which I used in my live VJ mix, and that was also broadcasted on TCT TV.

I made a short video "Macchiagodena" which compared Macchiagodena of the 1950's - with the photographs of Frank Monaco - to Macchiagodena of 2007. 1st Place Video Award Borghi Autentici d'Italia (Friuli, Italy), 2009.

Note: The "Macchiagodena" video is missing the credits for Frank Monaco's photos. Also, I used traditional music from the region of Molise.

Video: Macchiagodena (1950 & 2007)

Video: VJ Trailer

Live VJ Mix


Borghi Autentici d'Italia